Why It's Worth It To Choose A Suite Over A Standard Hotel Room

Many, but not all, hotels will have suites in addition to their standard rooms. They will usually be larger rooms, with extra conveniences as well. Have you ever wondered if it was worth it to stay in a suite instead of a standard room?

Enjoy more space

Hotel rooms are generally smaller than other living spaces, such as houses or apartments. This is because the hotel has to fit as many rooms as possible on their property in order to maximize profits. Hotel suites are rooms that come with extra space, which gives you a more comfortable stay.

A kitchen in your room

One of the best perks of staying in a hotel suite is that most of them have some sort of kitchen space. This could be anything from a small microwave and mini-fridge to a full-scale kitchen. Being able to make food rather than eating out will save you a little bit of money and keep you from having to eat unhealthy food.

An extra bathroom

Some hotel suites will come with an additional half or full bathroom. If you've ever been in a group and stayed somewhere that only had one bathroom, you already know how important this can be. An extra bathroom isn't included in every suite, so make sure to ask about it when you're booking your room.

A better choice than adjoining rooms

Many times, when someone is booking a room for a group that is too large for a standard room, they will opt to get adjoining rooms. Put simply, adjoining rooms are two or more standard hotel rooms that connect inside with double doors. A suite will usually be a better option because they give you the same benefit at a much lower price.

It's like renting an apartment but better

Nowadays, many people take advantage of nightly home/apartment rentals rather than staying in hotels. However, many hotels have suites that are just as large and homey, and they have the added benefit of including all of the amenities of the hotel. There aren't a lot of home/apartment rentals that include cleaning services, a swimming pool, an on-site bar and restaurant, room service, shuttle services, and a spa.

Usually a small price difference

When you're searching for your hotel room, you might notice that there isn't a huge price difference between most suites and standard rooms. While it might be difficult to convince yourself to splurge at that moment, you will certainly wish you had when you're sitting at the bottom of your bed in your tiny hotel room. A little extra space goes a long way.

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