Where To Vacation If You Want To Visit A Rainforest

If you love watching nature documentaries and have always been fascinated by rainforests, then you should consider taking a trip and seeing one in person. Many people are familiar with the huge Amazonian rainforest. However, there are other options that you might consider. Here's are a few to consider.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is home to  El Yunque National Forest, which is a gorgeous rainforest (the only tropical one in the US National Forest system, there are rainforests in Alaska and Washington, but neither are Tropical). The area has a very cool "Dwarf Forest", which has lots of very small trees. There are also very cool waterfalls. The are also has petroglyphs from the indigenous people of Puerto Rico (Taino). The Taino tribe were the indigenous people of not just Puerto Rico, but also Trinidad, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. So, if your family is from any of these places, you might really enjoy the cultural sites as well as the beautiful landscape.You can take a guided tour in one of the village recreation and have the guide explain how your ancestors might have lived thousands of years ago.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is unique in that it has two types of beautiful forests: rainforests and cloud forests. Cloud forests are very similar, the main difference is that they have a very high elevation and because of this they are very misty. You should look at seeing the  Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve. You will get to see brilliant colored toads and vibrant colored birds. The forest also has the most diverse number of orchids in the entire world, so it's a must see for exotic flower lovers. There are easy to follow hiking trails, as well as big suspension bridges that you can walk on that carry you high up in the tree line, as well as zip lining for people who want a more adventurous way to see the treeline.


If you head down to Central America, you will find a huge rainforest (larger than even Yellowstone Park). The Maya Biosphere Reserve is protected by UNESCO and is home to some of the most amazing array of animals on the planet. There are hawks, jaguars, spider monkeys, and beautiful birds such as the macaw. One of the cool things about the rainforest in Guatemala is that, like the Puerto Rican rainforest, there are substantial archeological and cultural points of interest. In the case of Guatemala, there is the area of Tikal, which has ancient Mayan temples and other structures.

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