How to Have the Best Beach Vacation with Small Children and Pets

Planning a beach trip that will include your children and pets can be a difficult task, especially if it's your first time going with both kids and pets in tow. Taking the time to plan ahead is necessary for your trip to be less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone going. Check out these tips for making sure the beach trip you take with your kids and pets is fun and safe.

Invest in a Shady Hidey-Hole

Nothing can ruin a day at the beach like a crying little one or dog that is too hot and cranky. When you combine the two on the same day at the same beach, you certainly can say you have a recipe for disaster. To avoid tired, fussy babies and hot, cranky pets, taking along a shady, cool 'hidey-hole' is a good idea. Investing in a tent that has a floor in it and plenty of screened windows is best for providing a private place right on the busiest beach for naps and quiet time. Remember to pack the following items to keep in the tent at all times while it is up on the beach.

1. Bring an ice chest with clean ice for drinks and watering bowls. Plan on having a few gallons of fresh water along as well.

2. Remember to grab juice boxes and plenty of your favorite beverages.

3. With snacks, snacks that will keep well in the heat is best, but taking along a second cooler for items like lunch meats and cheese is a good idea for lunch. Remember to take along dry pet food for your pet.

4. If your pet happens to be a cat, taking along a large folding cage is important for him or her to enjoy the safest outdoor beach time. Keeping a small litterbox in the outdoor cage is necessary. When you need to put your kitty in the tent for a break, be sure to have a cozy pet carrier ready. Avoid putting thick blankets in the carrier and instead use thin cotton material.

5. When you have your dog along, be sure to take along a runner for keeping him or her close by your spot. Don't forget to take a leash for taking your dog down into the ocean water.

6. Taking along a thick, padded cotton comforter for the floor in your tent is a good idea for your little ones when they are ready for nap time.

7. Be sure to pack along plenty of baby wipes for hands and faces.

Choose a Pet and Kid-Friendly Hotel Ahead of Time

When you and your kids and pets have spent a long day on the beach, the last thing you need is to return to a hotel or resort where kids and pets are frowned upon. Calling ahead of time and reserving your hotel is best instead of driving to your destination and looking for lodging after spending a day on the beach. Being able to take your crew in and get them settled down for the evening right away is a good feeling, leaving you time to enjoy the late evening while everyone is asleep.

Taking a trip to the beach with your kids and pets can be a lot of memorable fun. By planning ahead, you can enjoy your trip without worrying about the items you forgot or the hotel you chose not being the one you need.

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