West Africa Travel Tips For First Time Visitors

Are you interested in traveling to West Africa for the first time? If so, there are a few things that can make your international travel plans go smoothly. There are things that you must do to ensure your safety and convenience whenever you travel abroad, and the following will come in handy when you are ready to plan your trip to West Africa. 


Making plans for international travel can be cumbersome especially if you have never travelled to the area you desire to visit. A West Africa tour booking service can be used as a resource for this trip. They can help you to plan activities and create a custom travel package that meets your expectations. They will also be familiar with which areas in the region are deemed safe as well as help you take advantage of some experiences that you might not feel comfortable participating in if you were making your own travel plans. For example, if you have a desire to camp in the wilderness, they could get you connected with natives who are familiar with camping, which can improve safety and security. Lodging, flight booking, and airport transportation are other things a booking service can assist with. They can also ensure you do not forget prerequisites such as having a passport. 


You will find that there are multiple modes of public transportation in the West Africa region. These can be used, but you may find that the best experience is to also have a driver available to take you around. Some modes of public transportation may not make personal stops. There will be numerous drivers in the area who are eager to offer their services to tourists. These natives are familiar with navigating the area, which can benefit you. Some tourists make the mistake of trying to rent vehicles during their travel. This is usually not a good idea because it is possible to get lost. Most tourists are also not familiar with driving laws in countries they visit. 


If you are from the western part of the world, you may be used to dressing in a flashy manner when you travel. When travelling to West Africa, aim to dress casual and avoid flashy clothes. This will aid in ensuring that you do not make it apparent that you are a tourist. Also, some clothing might be viewed negatively by natives. You could choose to buy most of your vacation clothes when you arrive in West Africa to ensure that you are dressed similarly to natives.


Ensure that you have your own method of getting in touch with people. The hotel you choose for lodging will likely have phones, but the cost to use them can be exorbitant. Change your SIM card in your smartphone to one that works in West Africa for best results. 

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