Haul-Outs Services 101: A Guide For New Customers

If you have a large water vessel and spend much of your time traveling the seas in your boat, the vessel is easily a lot like a second home. Just like your home needs regular maintenance, so does your boat, so every so often, it is best to seek out a haul-outs service to perform basic maintenance. When a water vessel is planted in the sea for months on end, there is no way to get a good look at the entirety of the boat, which means a haul out is absolutely important to your vessel's lifespan. Here are a few of the biggest questions new customers have about haul-outs services.

How often should a haul out be performed?

It is recommended that you have a thorough haul out performed for your water vessel about once every year. While there may be some simple maintenance performed throughout the year, a complete haul out will help you to keep future maintenance costs low because it will be less likely that you run into big problems unexpectedly.

Where is the best place to find a haul-outs service for your boat?

Haul-outs services, such as South Park Marina, are usually offered in coastal towns and seaside atmospheres. If you don't have a haul-outs service where your boat resides, plan a trip up or down the coast line where you are bound to find at least a few. Hauls-outs services are in high demand in areas that have heavy boat traffic, so they should not be hard to find.

What all will be inspected during the haul out?

There are several things that take place during a haul out for a water vessel. The basic haul out will consist of:

  • checking over the hull of the boat for damages
  • cleaning the hull of the boat and removing sea scum buildup, such as barnacles and moss
  • applying of sealant layers if necessary
  • running gear maintenancing
  • inspecting drain plugs and seacocks as needed
  • painting the bottom of the boat if needed

How long will the haul out take?

A basic haul out for most boats will be complete in a few short days. However, there is no specific amount of time guaranteed for every boat because there can be so many variables involved. For example, larger boats will naturally take longer and boats that need work will be out for longer as well. If you are having a haul out performed on your vessel during a waterway trip, it is a good time to make inland accommodation arrangements and find something to do on dry land. 

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